It’s an interesting question isn’t it?

Every person and therefore player is different. Players perform better via one or more of the following: –

– praise
– encouragement
– responsibility
– reward
– honest appraisal of their performance
– sharp reminder of their failings and ideas to improve
– being involved with friends
– enjoyment
– recognition
– learning
– involvement in a team
– being shouted at!

Which of these do you use most often?
Would you like to discover techniques to motivate your players or yourself? We may have the answer!

The Club has been identified by Staffordshire FA Coach Education team to pilot a 3 hour course led by Birmingham University Sports Department on how to motivate players. We will be one of only 7 clubs in the Region offered this opportunity.
The Course takes place on Thursday 17th December at Great Wyrley FC, Hazel Lane, Great Wyrley 7.00 until 10.00. Hot drinks and refreshments will be provided and the course is FREE! I do feel that this is an opportunity that cannot be missed by any coach in the Club as it could help you to find that extra 5% in performance that will make all the difference.
We have a maximum of 20 places available to us – if any more places are required we can set another course up in the New Year.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to attend – I will allocate places on a first come, first served basis.
Further details to be posted shortly.
Any queries – please contact me.

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Attendees so far confirmed: –

    Keith Hardy
    Andy Parfitt
    Warren Coley
    Laura Cumberledge
    Joe Waclawski
    Andy Goddard
    Martin Davies
    Matt Chidlow
    John Dean
    Phil Bates
    Matt Allman
    Tim Allerton
    Kim Welch
    Mark Bates
    Emily Quimby
    Ade Sheppard
    Julie Bennett

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    Yes Keith can you put me and Andy Goddard on the course


    U17S Panthers

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    Martin Davies

    Keith Please can you add me and Darren Ansell to the list.

    Many thanks

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    Matt Chidlow

    Keith let me spk with Mark Smallman first before commit us both.

    Many Thanx

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Hi Matt,

    With Mark going away next Tuesday I can put you down if you wish? Let me know and I will add you to the list.


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    Matt Chidlow

    Keith yes pls add me to the list.

    Kind Regards


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