The Wyrley Meerkats are proud as punch to announce that Elite Sails of Burntwood have renewed their support in way of sponsoring the girls. After watching the Meerkats claim the Staffordshire Girls League Cup and the Wyrley 7’s tournament this year it was a no brainer for them to to renew their support. However, we had threatened not to play his daughter Ellie again if he didn’t!


Elite Sails are a subsidiary of SP Boats based in Burntwood, Staffordshire and are owned by Steve Parker. Steve and his missus Tina helped out massively in the first season of the Meerkats forming, attending meetings, arranging fixtures and providing the funds to procure the equipment required. It was during a trip to Sports Direct to buy said equipment that he encountered a common problem. Steve was after a bag to keep the training balls in, but didn’t know how to ask the spotty assistant in a way that didn’t embarrass either party: Where do you keep your ball bags? I need a ball bag can you help me? With several connotations rolling around in his head he decided to keep quiet and opts to create a quality bag himself. If you ever see Dave Youd, ask him about the quality of our ball bag, tis exceptional!

Steve was introduced to boat building from an early age; his Uncle Noah showed him the best techniques for streamline design. His ancestry can also be traced back to the designer of the Titanic and Steve has continued to apply the same solid designs to this day. He applied his trade and thought it novel to design his boats for humans and not animals but still opted for 2 x 2. He also saw a niche in the market where rowing was too much effort and thought that his flatulence issue could pave the way for a revolutionary design. He constructed his first sail using discarded under crackers and terry towelling nappies and mounted them to a wooden telegraph pole, this new design was tested vigorously with the aid of Steve’s wind on the Trent and Mersey canal.

After a childhood of watching ‘Howards Way’ Steve gained the inspiration to grab the hull with 2 hands and set about creating his own business and gave it an original name. Steve is also a skilled Seaman and regularly competes around the UK and around the world in the blue ribbon events. He has recently circumnavigated the great lake of Chasewater which is no mean feat.

Now with eighteen years experience in the marine trade, SP Boats can offer the most extensive knowledge of sailing dinghy under one roof.

They have built boats such as GP14s, Solos, Enterprises, Albacores, Miracle, Mirror, Streakers, Hornets, ETC they have also fitted out countless boats from the most basic to the most technical such as Flying 15s, Merlin’s, Fireballs, International 14s, Phantoms, Etc.

With this wealth of knowledge they can sort any of your sailing needs.

Steve Parker Boats also offer a full range of Dinghy Covers for quick no fuss delivery, they manufacture in house – flat, over boom, undercover’s, they can also make custom made boat covers.


On a serious note, thanks Steve and Tina for the continued support it’s much appreciated from Dave, I, the Meerkats and their parents.


Any dinghy, boat, sail, trailer or maybe even ball bags enquiries then click on the link below for details




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