Unfortunately the Under 13s Girls will be without Lauren Harris for a while – she has fractured her ankle PLAYING HOCKEY (!!) at school.

All the girls and parents would like to wish Lauren a speedy recovery and look forward to when she is back playing football again in those unused new boots!!

Good luck Lauren – see you soon!

Ps – are you sure you couldn’t perhaps play in goal???

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    jessica arthur

    Get well Soon 🙂 xx

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    Lauren Harris

    Thank youu i hope you all play well and i want to see the video lol loveyou jess xx

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    Lauren Harris

    And no phil i cannot play in goal !!!!!

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    jessica arthur

    My Dad Dleted It Cause He Thought We Were Being Siillyl 🙂 lu2 x

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    Si Deakin

    Ellie made me come on here to leave a get well message: so get well soon ( but only cus I miss your mum…… and bullying you in training!!! )

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    Ellie Deakin

    Get well soon loza. yep u can play in goal wen u r fit LOL!!!

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    Ellie Deakin

    how ya doin loz. U must be really annoyd bout ur cast. Av u gt it offf yet . LOL :). Will u b cumin 2 butlins. sure u will b fit by then.

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    Ellie Deakin

    U Ya alright loz u wil b fit soon. U will soon b waliking freeley again. LOL 🙂

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    Jesss Arthur

    Gees El You half dont leave messages do yah 😀 :S xx

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    Ellie Deakin


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    Ellie Deakin

    Jess? How d ya put big mouthed smilies on the screen. I only know how 2 do NORMAL ones!!! LOL 🙂

    Is it like this?

    :] :]

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    Ellie Deakin

    I take dat as a no? JUst experimenting with the keys. Only just ad a new laptop LOL 🙂 :).

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    Jesss Arthur

    no like this : D but together 😀

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