Latest Photo of the Under 13 Girls Team and Lauren’s Leg- which is hopefully well on the way to recovery!

This one


  Keeley Dabbs, Keira Turner, Ellie Deakin, Emily Scott, Chloe Arthur, Chloe Andrea, Cara Turner, Lauren’s Leg, Hollie Hinsley, Chanice Clarke, Jess Arthur, Tyler Kent

Some fantastic performances so far girls let’s keep it going for the last few games!

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    Ellie Deakin

    And thought u were being serious about loza’s leg photo. U daft. The pic was taken the moment just b4 cloeeeeeeeee jumped on top of me and i nearly suffocated. LOL :). No affence to clo like.

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    The leg looks like a quality player to me – all right footed though! Lol!

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    Jesss Arthur

    lol 😀 xx

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    Lauren Harris

    its my leg woohooo and yes good player thanks kieth NOT

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