After nearly 10 years of identification; lease negotiation; 2 Planning Applications; Wildlife Surveys and raising £1m of funding, we are delighted to advise that work starts on our Long Lane facility on January 17th!

The facility will have 4 changing rooms, 2 referees’ rooms, medical room, kitchen, coaching development and community function room and will be used by the Club’s players, families and local residents and community groups i.e. a village hall type building as it will replace the old community building that club members demolished a few weeks ago.

These are exciting times and we must give thanks to the following individuals and groups: –

– The Football Foundation and Jean Paul Considine in particular
– Staffordshire Football Association and Andy Weston in particular
– our Architects CTD and Andrew Dukesell in particular
– Essington Parish Council and David Clifft in particular
– Corey Ibstock and Staffordshire Environmental Trusts
– Walsall Football Club
– Marston’s Brewery
– all club members and officials who have helped so far – in particular Trevor Smith, Martin Millard, Shaun Ponder, Bill Hickenbottom, Andy Parfitt, Mark Smallman who have raised funds and given up their time in getting to where we are.

We now need to push really hard to raise further funds to meet costs that undoubtedly will be seen.

An idea of what the facility looks like can be seen by clicking on the link below below: –

WJFC – Long Lane plans 241210

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    trevor smith

    KEITH – this is fantastic news and I would like to offer my thanks to you for your dedication to this project – What a great Xmas present for us all.


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    Hi, that sounds like a fantastic project for the club. Is there gonna be a new pitch or pitches layed too. I currently play for your Inex Sunday team but if things are gonna keep looking good I can easily get some good players in for next season especially if there’s gonna be new pitches and new clubhouse built.

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Hi Rich,

    Keith Hardy here – thanks for the comments – it’s been one hell of a journey to get where we are and we still have to raise a lot of cash before end of August. Kim will hopefully share details of a sponsored run we are expecting all 600 players in the club to take part in. Also at least 10 of us are planning a walk up Snowdon to raise money.

    There will be a community clubhouse, 1 full sized pitch, one youth pitch and 2 mini soccer pitches.

    Anything you can do to help raise fumds will be gratefully received.

    NB – on front page of Express & Star tonight!

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    So where about in Long Lane will it be?
    The only place I can see on that road is where Wyrley Rangers play, Is that being redone then or is it gonna be a totally new site?
    Will any of the Sunday teams be using the full size pitch?

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    It will be a new site on the other side of the road over the bridge adjacent to to Teddybears Children’s Nursey. Teams to play on there will be decided in due course but we are aiming to give every team the opportunity to play on there at some time.

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    10 years is a very long time to commit to something, it’s good that it’s all paid off though. There’ll be a few jealous teams now. I never really knew how big Wyrley Juniors was getting. Will there be some sort of function room to hire out for private parties and stuff?

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    There will be a function room for teams and local community groups, parish council, schools etc to use. We are not looking to let it out for private functions.

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    evening keith – any chance of putting regular updates and pictures of how the development is coming along. This may also help to give people the push towards raising more funds to help pay for this….

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Hi Paul,

    Funnily enough – I’m going to Long Lane with camera tomorrow. You’ll be amazed at how much they’ve done already!

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