A massive ‘WELL DONE’ to the intrepid 11 Wyrley folk who walked up Ben Nevis yesterday in appalling conditions. From 3400 feet they experienced snow up to 2 feet deep, temperatures of – 5 and winds up to 70 mph BUT teamwork and determination won through. Aching bodies meant some only reached the bottom safely after 6 00 pm after starting at 9 30 a.m. The club owes them our gratitude as they raised over £6,000. Well done Matthew Edwards, Kev Ward, Nigel Crook, Annabelle Crook, Julie Pearce, Keith Hardy, Laura Millard, Mark Smallman, Sarah, Reeves, Lisa Anderson and Steve Parker.

Pictures indicating the efforts made below: –

1. Setting off from Cheslyn Hay
2. Setting off from bottom of mountain – all smiles at that point!
3. Conditions at the top
4. The Wyrley scarf raised at the top – nothing wrong with the camera as these were the conditions experienced.
5 & 6. Home safely at last!



WJFC - Lisa at top




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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Special praise to Annabelle Crook who is only 13; Julie Pearse who’s son has only just started at our Academy; Lisa Anderson who has no connection to the club but fancied the challenge and all the other guys who have aching legs!

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    trevor smith

    Did you lot up that mountain in that cool refreshing breeze have any thoughts of us poor lot at ground level suffering from scorching temperatures in the 70s,no you did’nt. However Gill and myself were just about to put £10 in an envelope for you guys when we had this horrific email from Candy Ponder stuck abroad after being assaulted and mugged, so sorry folks on this occasion we cant help as we have forwarded the £10 to Candy.

    Just a joke,
    Well done to you all “PROUD TO BE WYRLEY” !

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Cheers Trev for those kind words! haha.

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