Wyrley in Wembley

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Approximately 120 Wyrley associated folk made the trip South to witness England Ladies do battle with Germany Ladies. 2 Majestic coaches provided the transportation for the day and was all co-ordinated by Mr Steve Willis. Steve not being daft and obviously influenced by his staff sergeants Chris and Paddy opted to distance themselves from the Meerkats and placed us on coach 2 along with the U11 Panthers! Were we noisy or something !!! Spirits were high as we set off! Not long into the journey news came in on the bat phone that we had a situation!!!! A pregnant lady couldn’t hold it any longer and we had to stop. I recognise the need for a lady in her condition to cause the stop, however Nicholls used this opportunity to purchase food – out of order, pure exploitation of the situation and you didn’t even offer me a crisp! Meanwhile on coach 2 residing in the business class section Dave ‘Paisley’ Youd was doing a sterling job! He was helping Pauline (Driver) de-mist her windows, was up and down the aisle collecting rubbish and was on the microphone whipping the crowd into a frenzy!! Panthers and Meerkats were having a sing off – where were my ear plugs?

We arrived in good time and disembarked and made our way towards the stadium! The rain was heavy but didn’t dampen the spirits! We located the seats to which people were invited to sit where they pleased. Max (Chris) and Paddy decided to drape the Wyrley flag over an emergency exit which obviously came with unwanted attention! I tried to get them ejected from the stadium but my attempts failed! Instead they were allowed to relocate the flag in another area. Half time came and the Wyrley masses descended onto the Wembley concourse to locate the prawn sandwiches. No such luck as the cost of a burger and chips was £9 and a steak sandwich £8.50. Paddy decided the cost was too high and was seen with his head underneath the tomato sauce dispenser! Hasten to say it resulted in soiling his clothes and he spent the majority of the interval cleaning himself up. Lesson to be learnt Paddy – use sachets next time!!!

The majority of the Wyrley folk headed back to their seats however a number of Meerkat parents went AWOL. Only returning 5 minutes from full time complaining on the queue to the toilets! I didn’t realise the toilets sold beer!!!!

Full time and the best team won! Germany ladies were like a well oiled machine that England simply had no answer to. The folk enjoyed the game and the Wembley experience to. We headed back to the coach, easier said than done! Copious amounts of coaches all penned in like animals. Vuvuzelas were banned from coach #2 as we quoted health and safety clause 4.2.2 ( it worked) After a while we were all accounted for and joined the wacky races to get out of the coach park! Pauline (coach 2’s driver) was having a duel with a fellow coach driver! Neither would yield and Pauline was keen to stay behind coach #1. Mirrors were touching, it was going to kick off big styley!! So we drew up a strategy where we rang coach #1 and asked them to block the idiot driver and allow coach #2 to take the lead. The tactics worked and resulted in a barrage of nice abuse towards the idiot driver!! The passengers start singing “Pauline, Paulineeee” to which brought a smile to her face! She will definitely remember Wyrley!!!

A great day out that was only possible to the organisation of Steve Willis supported with the help and assistance from the other managers and parents. The kids were well behaved and the coach company happy with our overall attitude and demeanour.

Proud to be Wyrley “simples”

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