With the 20c sun beating down and a gusty wind the 10 girls of Wyrley travelled to Bedworth, hoping to not concede 2nd spot in the league.  For the first 10 mins it was wave after wave of Wyrley attack, keeping Bedworth penned in their own half.  11 mins Emily’s sweet corner was bundled over the line after hitting Chelsea 0-1.  14 mins Leanne collected a lovely pass, danced around the defence and slotted home 0-2.  This was either a sign to take their foot of the gas or Bedworth to realise Wyrley only had 10 players and should up their game.  17 mins Bedworth struck the ball which hit Ash on the arm, (which was by her side) and awarded Bedworth a penalty.  Lauren stood her ground and made herself as tall as she could, the strike was a good one but Laurens double save was even better.  25 mins more defending for Wyrley but the ball was only cleared to the edge of the box, and the Bedworth striker sent in a screamer of a shot which eluded Lauren 1-2.  Jemma went in 50/50 and came out with stud marks across her knee and was unable to carry on for the rest of the half.  If life was difficult before it just became even harder.  Bedworth kept Wyrley camped in their own half and it was backs to the wall defending.  Any player that made it into the Bedworth half was deemed offside by the enthusiastic linesman.

Second half started with Bedworth seeking out the equaliser leaving Jody, Ash, Kelly and Tash working hard to keep to the goal intact.  Chelsea, Leanne, Vikki and Emily were spending more time helping the defence than building play out of the half.  Jemma came back on to the field to attempt to chase down any ball making it over the half way line.  52 mins miscommunication between Kelly and Lauren resulted in the ball in the back of the net 2-2.  65 mins Bedworth once again managed to wear down the weary legs of Wyrley and for the first time in the game take the lead 3-2.  Would this be the catalyst for Bedworth to stretch the lead?  Wyrley dug deep and refused to lie down and be beaten and valiantly giving 110%.  Jemma, Tash and Vikki were all unlucky not to get the elusive equaliser, that was when they could actually get into the Bedworth half without the linesman’s spring loaded flag shooting up.  It was on 89 mins when Jemma made the run from her own half and was clear to slot it past the keeper 3-3.  The biggest cheer was from Martin who jumped up and roared the ball over the line.

This has to be one of the bravest performances from 10 players this season, Martin is so proud of you all for not giving up and giving everything plus some. Jody says well done to all of you.  Andy is proud of you all also.

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