The dragons turn up to Goals soccer centre with their gnarly teeth shining like the sun on the sea, eager to put 100% into their games today.  It was a moody overcast grey sky, and bitterly cold, but there were gale force conditions and the hot drinks were spilling like crazy. The game kicks off with the dragons taking first kick off, against Lane Head United, and Freya and Phoebe have playing some brilliant passing, which then Ash crosses for Jim who puts away a firecracker. The dragons soon ‘fly’ straight back in and win the ball, the ball is then played perfectly through and Ash runs on to it, doing step overs and dances round the defenders and puts it away very smartly.   We go straight back in again and the defence win the ball, and lay out passes between themselves, and then through to the midfield, and goes out for our throwing, Ben takes it, it goes in but because of the gale it immediately comes back out again, now ben has done a give and go, he gives the ball to Ash and he puts it away again. The half time whistle blows and the dragons fly for their drinks.

The Lane Head United kick off and the midfield and attackers zoom forward, the opposition take a shot on goal but the wind takes it securely into Reily’s hands. The clearance is good until the wind decides to knock it out of play, and the opposition have a throwing, the Annihilator wins it and passes to Ben, who lays it to Freya, who fly’s past a defender and crosses it in for Ash to yet again put away. The opposition kick off and they get past the midfield, and a strong shot is played and a cracking goal preventing save from Reily knocks it out for a corner. Unfortunately the wind doesn’t agree with the angle and the ball doesn’t reach the box, it’s out for a goal kick. The ball reaches Freya who gives it to Jim, and he plays it to Reuben. The ball is then passed to Ash for yet another great goal. We win the ball and the rocket sees his chance, and hits it at the peak of the bounce and it skims over the crossbar. We then win the ball off the midfielders and Ash gets clipped on the ankle, and we are given a free-kick. Phoebe takes a shot which heads for the top right corner, but the keeper just about gets his hands around it and does a good save. Freya puts in a thundering tackle and Ash takes a shot from outside the box, it bounces back from a good save and Freya tries again, and bounces back again but is deflected by a defender and is an unfortunate own goal. The whistle blows and that is the end of a great match.


Our second game kicks off against Lane Head Albion with our kick off, the ball is played backwards by Jim and Ash to Phoebe, who then gives it back to Jim but he fails to control it, he makes it up by doing an overhead clearance to the rocket who loses it. Kenzie does some great pressured jockeying and Phoebe takes over by doing a crunching tackle, but one of the opposition sneaks past her and takes a shot but fortunately the gale takes the shot off target. Reily plays it out to Phoebe who gives it to ben, he steams past a few defenders and sets up Jim, who takes a curling shot but the keeper gets round it. Good passing from the midfield and ben cuts in and takes an ambitious shot, but it was saved again. The rocket gives the ball to Jim who takes a great run down the line, and the ball is won by the opposition and is cleared away from harm. They get past our Midfield and take a good shot, which Reily seems to have caught extremely securely! Kenzie plays the ball to Freya, who gives it to Niall and then makes the run into space to receive it once again,  she gives it to Jim who flicks it up for Reuben who gets his right foot round it and it just sails over the crossbar once again. Niall stops a goal and concedes a clearance to Reuben, who takes a shot but it’s clearly not enough to get past the keeper!  Kenzie wins the ball and plays it out to Ben who does a 1-2 with Jim, and nearly scores.  The opposition try a shot but Niall and Phoebe block it, a speedy run from Jim and a cross which doesn’t quite reach Freya in time. Another shot from ben which deflects and the rocket places it just past the post. The whistle blows pronouncing half time.

The game starts again with the opposition attacking in our half, and a shot is declared which Reily easily clasps his hands on. It falls back to the opposition but Ash gets his foot in and wins the ball for us, he knocks it into the air and Jim tries a fancy behind the head kick (is it a scorpion?) leading us on attack, Niall has to come forward to a 1-1 but battles it out and clears it to Dodger, who makes a run down the wing steaming past the defence, but they just about get their foot round the ball and a clearance is made. Freya gets her head onto it and plays it to Ben, who gets clipped in the ankle but carries on as if nothing has happened. Lane head Albion take a great shot, which is blocked bravely by Freya, and again! Niall gets around it and makes yet another great clearance, it reaches Dodger who tries another run, shoots and the ball deflects, he plays the ball to Jim who puts a cross goal shot away. Dodger plays the ball through again after Phoebe wins the ball, and Ash simply but sweetly places the ball in the back of the net. The opposition try a shot which is blocked by Jim, then Ben blocks a shot, but one of the players from Lane Head get their chest on the ball and score past Reily, but Reily got clipped in the ear, but did not give up. Forced handball by Jim, but away by Niall and Phoebe to Dodger, the opposition steal it and Niall goes in for the kill, and comes out with the ball, Reily does 2 excellent dive saves and the whistle blows for the end of the match. They sure unleashed fire today!



Player of match #1 awarded to Ash ‘The Flash’ for his outstanding performance that provided many a goal.

Player of match #2 awarded to Jim aka Dynamo, produces moments of magic that caused mayhem in the Lane Head defence.


Thanks to all parents for their continued support – much appreciated.


Dragons could go top if we get some good results at the weekend.


















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    Great report missbadcop! Future sports writer maybe

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    Great report missbadcop! Future sports writer maybe

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