Not so cold this weekend, subtle breeze from the east supported with a cloudy coverage that kept the winter chill from biting our digits.

However, I still turned up in my snood to which was promptly ridiculed by the parents – spanks of jealousy if you ask me. I create trends, others follow!!!! you’ll see……

With a pitch doing a flawless impression of a ploughed field, we knew that this was going to test our resolve. This weekend saw 2 scheduled games that were going to be tough test with 2 established teams as our opponents.  First up was Walsall Phoenix, a team that were clearly well drilled and established, also helped by the fact that their defenders were reminiscent of Ivan Drago off Rocky IV, them boys were massiveeeeeeeee! Obviously they grow them big in Walsall.

Near enough from the outset, Walsall marked their territory and showed their intent with an immediate attack on the Dragons goal.  The attack was thwarted by conceding a corner, which was curled into the Dragons box and tucked away without a challenge. Their lead was increased after a through ball left Captain Marvel on her own against 2 Phoenix attackers, that consequently was finished past Reilly ‘The Rock’.  Gaffer Nicholls tried to rally the team but may of have a negative effect by shouting ‘C’mon Girls’ – maybe they didn’t hear him! After realizing that it was the predominantly boys team that he was managing, he encouraged them to play some proper pass and move football.  this resulted in Freya ‘The Slayer’ breaking free down the left wing and delivering a peach of a cross that was diverted into the net by a Phoenix defender.  Buoyed by this the team began to distribute the ball lovely.  Ben ‘The Beast’ was using his vision to spray the ball to the wingers to commence an attack.  The Beast managed to squeeze the ball through to Dynamo Jim who’s magic feet cast a spell over the defenders leaving him free to drive the ball home to pull themselves level.  With the impetus now! Dragons were peppering the Phoenix goal and every opportunity.  A great cross from Jim was met with a fierce strike from Matty ‘Wireless’ whose shot just went wide.  Seeking a winner led to gaps within the Dragons defence, however one attack by Phoenix was quelled by an outstanding last ditch sliding tackle by the Beast.  Phoenix went ahead after another corner was whipped in unchallenged and deposited into the Dragons net. With time running out the Dragons took siege on the Phoenix goal. An absolute melee ensued as attempt after attempt was thwarted.  The ball hit everything going, post, crossbar, keeper, defender, referee, man walking his dog – not really.  The parents were a sight to be seen, jumping up and down, oohs, arrghhhs and the occasional scream, we nearly needed the defibrillator… Low and behold the Dragons couldn’t get the equalizer.  However the look of relief from the Phoenix manager was enough to show that we were a sterner test than anticipated.


Next up was Brownhills!!! But we had a little time to re-nourish.  The onsite amenities didn’t sell prawn sandwiches nor did they sell Pimms, good job as our lot were tucking into hot dogs, Bovril and burgers galore. A tin of retro sweets was also donated by Michelle (Soccer Mom), however I am too young to appreciate them, unlike the other parents – nice gesture all the same.  After wiping the grease from their chins the kids embarked on the second game. Temporary Captaincy was awarded to Reubs ‘The Rocket’ as Captain Marvel sat the first half out.  A great touch from Phoebe possibly making Reubens year by appointing him captain of the half. Matty switched with Reilly between the sticks meaning the Rock was let loose in defence.  Again Brownhills showed to be a great side that were well organised.  They quickly took the lead when an attack managed to breach the Dragons defence to rifle in their first. 2 more goals were scored in very quick succession but the Dragons heads didn’t drop.  The Rocket was using his supersonic pace to beat the defenders and deliver the ball to Dynamo, whose efforts on goal only just missed the target. Ash ‘The Flash’ used his close ball control to weave his way through a deeply populated defence and the resulting shot from Jim was just wide of the mark.  Dynamo Jim was also showing his repertoire of Messi esque skills and was causing havoc with the defence.  Kenzie ‘007’ Bond showing great improvements to his confidence and game play as his endeavors produced some quality crosses and tackles.  One sortie resulted in Dynamo being scythed down, which resulted in a free kick.  This was hit with real venom by Captain Marvel who narrowly missed the target.  A mention goes out to Matty ‘Wireless’ Nogueira who made an absolute worldy of a save.  The ball was destined for the top right of the goal until he launched like a rocket to tip it over the bar – great keeper = great save. The Artful Dodger was his usual tenacious self, pick-pocketing the ball and embarking on an attack at goal.  Niall ‘The Aniallator’ and Reilly ‘The Rock’ provided a staunch partnership at the back, showing great tackling tenacity.


Player of match #1 awarded to Dynamo Jim for a display of brilliance.  His close ball control is a credit and serves him well in his match play.

Player of the match #2 awarded to The Rocket Reuben Yates.  The gaffer has seen your confidence increase and has resulted in a tenacious effort this weekend – Well done to both.


Thanks to all parents again for supporting Chris and his Dragons – without your help it’ll be a lot harder.

Mention to Chris’s assistant and brother of Freya – Dan – Hopefully he survived his level 1 FA Coaching Course – well done matey – ice baths are apparently the answer to sore muscles.





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    Michelle Barrett Nogueira

    I just love reading these match reports 😉

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