The whistle blew for kick off at 9.30am in somewhat cold and wet conditions.  The Wyrley Pumas had a distinct look of sheer determination on their faces as they battled through the first half showing a fantastic 1st goal scored by the talented Emily Walker. A goal kick from a fantastic chasetown goalie found its way on the head of Chloe Williams who headed it straight back up to the goalie box …. well defended by chasetown the ball found its way to the half way line to be taken back up again by the skillful Chloe Cooper who crossed it over to Faye Pemberton who knocked it straight into the back of the net making a 2 nil score.  The rest of first half showed fearless defence from Kayleigh Machen who used her head or her foot to send the ball flying in the right direction.  Goalkeeper Milly Fairley protected her goals superbly.

Second half showed the skilful defence of Natasha Whale whose kick is immensley powerful as she sent the ball plumetting in the direction of chasetown goals, intercepted by Ellie Stone who passed to Chloe Williams who then weaved it through a few chasetown players before shooting the 3rd goal for the team.

These goals noticeably sent the team into a frenzy of determination to keep the goals coming and showed Kayleigh Machen throwing in to  Chloe Williams who passed it back and then moving to the  half way line received the ball back off Kayleigh and with a forceful kick sent it hurling into the back of the net scoring the 4th goal!

Chasetown scored a goal despite a lot of pressure applied by all our girls making the score 4-1

Nicole Allerton tackled a chasetown player putting pressure on them which resulted in the ball coming back into the play of the Pumas with Amanda Lockett passing to Libby Brotherton and then to Chloe Cooper who then took the ball down on the outside and crossed it straight into the net resulting in our 5-1 win

A fantastic win for a fantastic team !!! Keep up the good work girls 🙂


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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Great report Michelle and well done Pumas!

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