• We kicked off the second week of the Year against Lane Head Lions who are a
    very talented bunch of lads. With 2 poor results last week the pumas seemed
    lost and disheartened but with training on the Saturday before we had some
    fun purely working on passing and moving while taking shots as we lacked in
    that department last week. We started off with our usual style of play of a
    2-1-1 Formation with Robert in goal, Bray Makin and Joey Plimmer in defence,
    Charlie Ashley Footes in the Middle and James Evans up top. Before the
    whistle blew my instructions were simple, Go Out there and enjoy but at the
    same time remembering everything we have learnt over the past 18 months. And
    so it showed with absolutely brilliant teamwork and determination. Ok
    Charlie Ashley Footes scored twice and James Evans scored what can only be
    described as TEKKERS but that is not the whole picture. We had bray, Joey
    and Karam our Tackling warriors battling hard to win back possession,
    Charlie, James and William none stop running and moving into some great
    positions on the counter and as a whole I am one happy coach who couldn’t be
    prouder of the Pumas today.

    Goal Scorers. Charlie Ashley Footes – 2 James Evans – 1
    Man of the Match – Whole Team(couldn’t make a decision)

    Our Second game of the day was against Tipton Youth who are a very big and
    physical side. As i said before with the extra training on a Saturday
    morning we was really in our element from the previous game and what can i
    say but the result never went our way but great teamwork again and so
    unlucky. We started this game with a 1-2-1 formation to try and expose the
    wings which we did brilliantly but the ball just would not go in. Let’s not
    forget our star in between the sticks Robert. He commanding the area
    brilliant on set plays and looked like he had been a sweeper keeper for 20
    years rushing and demanding the ball. All in all what a brilliant day for
    the Pumas. 1 win and 1 loss but who cares when you see them all smiling
    because they know in their hearts they was outstanding and didn’t need me to
    tell them.

    Robert – Star Goalkeeper

    Joey, Bray, Karam (Tackling warriors) – Absolute Class

    Charlie, William, James (supreme strikers) – Tremendous

    Goal scorers –

    Man of the Match – Robert szwyd

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