Game 1 vs Brownhills Comm White – Game 2 vs Port Vale Development centre

Wyrley Pumas today dented the hopes of Group E While Claiming the Title undefeated thanks to some outstanding team work from every single puma. As the games went on the pumas were in cruise control and managed to break the teams down with exceptional passing and determination.

Against Port Vale we knew both teams wanted the win as it worked out 1st vs 2nd and the winners of that match got the title. With 7 goals scored in the first game what could go wrong but we still had to work together and compose ourselves for which was going to be a competitive game.

We started off the game sharp with some early shots from James Evans but their GK was in great form as we seen watching them in action the previous game, Charlie Ashley Footes finally broke down the Defence and rounded the goalkeeper to make a great pass back to James Evans to tap in as the Angle was tight. What was more brilliant than the goal was the celebration as a whole team hugging on the bye line to show the friendship these boys now have. So the Pumas were 1-0 up but what’s to say we couldn’t hold back so we kept pushing and with the outstanding tackling from Bray Makin & Karam Poonian we managed to keep the score line to zero, On the counter attack James Evans had a great rebounded shot which rolled lovely for Karam Poonian to attempt a shot on goal which hit the underside of the bar and over the line from 15-20 yards. I’m sure we needed goal line technology but I’ve been assured in was in so here we go 2-0 and in the driving seat.2-0 and still in cruise control pushing for more goals but we couldn’t break them down and the whistle blew for half time.

Second half whistle blew and HEEEEEERRRRRRREEEEEEEE WE GO! Confidence booming, Big Smiles on the pumas faces and GOAL!!!!! 2-1 without even thinking. Come on Pumas was heard around the pitch. We broke down the left for what was a brilliant tackle from port vale. So I turned to tell Joey Plimmer and William dorricott to keep warm to come on and BOOOMMMM 3-1 to the pumas from a long throwing bypassing all the defenders and deflecting into the bottom corner. 3-1 pumas. Back to full steam ahead with only 5 minutes left on the clock. Port Vales corner superbly cleared away from Bray Makin to Charlie to chip it over 1 defender then another just like paul Gascoigne in euro 96 against Scotland to break clear up the left wing to be eventually cleared by the defender. The big throw in the Box Found Charlie Ashley Footes for his first headed goal of the year which made it 4-1 and what a great atmosphere for the kids to celebrate on mother’s day with everyone chanting GO PUMAS.

Goal scorers Game 1  – Charlie Ashley Footes -3, James Evans -1, Bray Makin -1, Joey Plimmer 1, William Dorricott – 1.

Man of the Match  –               Karam Poonian

Goal Scorers Game 2 – Charlie Ashley Footes – 1, Karam Poonian -2, James Evans -1

Man of the match –               Bray Makin

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