Week 9 of the pumas season started against a very well organised team in Colron. With fixtures against Colron in the past tournement we knew this was going to be a very open game. With Our pumas pushing hard from the start we managed to eventually break colron down with some excellent passing and movement from all areas of the pitch. With Karam Poonians great deflected shot we managed to get some breathing space but that wasn’t to last long. As the ref blew up for half time we had to regroup and get organised as our shape went oblong for a few shaky minutes. In the second half it was a totally different story as colron pushed and pushed but as we regrouped at half time we defended excellent and battled through. I have to say tho the colron goalkeeper was outstanding and made the game very close from start to finish.

James Evans      – Karam Poonian

Man of the Match – Karam Poonian

Our Second game of the day was against silverdale JFC which we was ready for after a great performance in the first game of the day. As the Game started though it wasn’t to be expected as we managed to concede a goal early on. With a bit of encouragement we managed to get the boys motivated once again and pushed and pushed until we broke down silverdale. Finally we broke silverdale down with some outstanding passing from our boys and managed to score 3 in quick succession. As the game went on silverdale managed to push on when Charlie Ashley Footes gave away a penalty which was unlucky. As our goalkeeper Robert had been practicing saving penaltys the player stepped up and smashed it which Robert made an excellent save but the power of the shot made the ball trickle in. After the penalty there was some great defending from our tackling warriors as they like to be called and we broke on the counter with James evans speed just beating the defended and being fouled. Stepped up to the free kick was Charlie Ashley Footes who had only on thing on his mind and that was goal which he certainly done with it dipping over the wall and beating the goalkeeper.


Goal scorers – Charlie Ashley Footes – 3               James Evans – 1               Karam Poonin    – 1

Man of the Match – Bray Makin (Tackling Warrior)

With the club meeting tomorrow we will be pushing for  our first team of the month trophy with all wins and 1 unlucky loss.

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