The Tigers made a positive start in their first game with some good passing. Unfortunately APR’s #9 got enough room to get a shot off, Joe T managed to dive and get a hand to the ball but APR’s #9 never gave up and managed to slot the ball into the back of the net. The Tigers carried on playing well but seemed to be lacking the will to win. Little Joe and Aran got a couple of shots on target but APR’s keeper was equal to them. The second half started much the same as the first half with some good football being played by both sides. About half way through the second half APR were awarded a free kick. Their #10 stepped up to take it and, to give him credit, it was a brilliant shot beating our keeper to score their 2nd goal. Good game lads and well done to APR.

In the interval between games it was clear something had to be done and whatever Si ands Gav said it worked


The Tigers came into this game hungry for the win, they played with flare passing the ball beautifully. Cole quickly got hold of the ball, weaving around one player then another. He made a brilliant pass to Kian who turned and shot, putting the ball in the back of the net. This boosted the Tigers’ confidence, they started passing the ball between them with speed and accuracy  and shots started coming in from all angles with Tom coming close on a couple of occasions. Armaan was quick to follow up Kian’s first goal, finding the back of the net twice in the first half to bring the score up to 3 – 0. The second half was just as good, Cole continued to play his socks off making pass after pass and taking players on with ease. Scott got a good shot off and bent the ball easily past the keeper. Shortly after Cole was on the ball again producing a brilliant pass to Aran which he slotted smoothly into the opposition’s goal. Milford played as good as they could but the Tigers were too strong for them.


The Tigers came into this game on a real high. They continued to pass the ball around with purpose with Tom, Kian and Aran linking up well in midfield. However, the Elford boys were also playing really well and matched our boys pass for pass. Will, Scott and Lewis had to play with determination to stop them getting through and Joe T made some excellent saves. Rodda attempted a couple of shots at goal but couldn’t quite put them away as the Elford defence shut up shop making it very hard to get anywhere near the goal.  The winning goal came as a result of a brilliant pass from Tom to Aran who blasted the ball into the back of net.


 The boys came out of the blocks full of energy and determined once again, with plenty of good passing. The first goal came from a goal kick which fell kindly for Rodda just outside the box he made a couple of fine steps and  found enough space to slot the ball past the Magpies keeper. The Magpies played well passing the ball round really well but the Tigers showed them what they are made of, closing their players down and getting the ball back as fast as they could. Tom was really unlucky not to score after receiving the ball from a beautifully placed pass from Aran and Rodda had a great shot saved to keep the score at 1 nil.


This game was very scrappy with quite a few fouls by both teams. Will took most of the pain after being fouled two or three times but he just kept getting up, they don’t call him iron Will for nothing. Undeterred the Tigers continued to battle on creating chance after chance. The winning goal came from Cole after he t the ball around a couple of players and neatly placed it in the back of the net. There’s not much more to this game other than to say the lads played brilliantly. To round it all off the Tigers played really well today. They have gelled well as a team and this is largely down to Si and Gav’s hard work. Well done lads, keep it up

After all games were played it was decided that William Wilson was man of the match for his relentless efforts throughout all 5 games. He tried his hardest to get his first goal for the Tigers, coming close 3 times. All the lads played brilliantly and it was a pleasure to watch


Written by Martin Wilson  

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