Wyrley LK09 Lions Tournamanet in Pwllheli 3rd-6th May 2013

This was to be our first tournament for LK09 and what an amazing experience it turned out to be.

The weather was kind to us, cold but dry.  Logan (goalie) was given the honour of being Captain for both days.  We presented each team we played, with a trophy.

LK09 v Bispham JFF Blades Blues

This felt like a warm up game.  Although we lost, only by one goal, we started to show early signs of good play.  There was a chance from Matty to score.  Tom’s (w) long kick down the field gave us another opportunity.  By the end of this game the lads knew what needed to be done in the next and they certainly didn’t disappoint !

LK09 v Haydock JFC

With early possession of the ball we knew that this was going to be a much more fast pace game.  Harry took on their no.7 player who had made a run from defence, he continued to stick with him and not give a chance to score. With Lewis and Matty in defence as well they both stopped any goals from Haydock.  Tom (M) just didn’t give up and kept marking his player.  Unfortunately  a penalty was awarded to Haydock.  This in return was saved by goalie Logan !  By the end of the game the parents were exhausted from all the cheering and nail biting moments.  The lads had stepped up their game as it was fantastic to watch even though there were no goals by both teams.  The lads lined up at the end of game to receive a rapturous applause from the parents.  I think the other teams wondered why we were so excited when no goals had been scored !  We knew that this was the kind of football that the boys were capable of playing !

LK09 v Whinney Banks YCC FC

We started off slow but so did the other team so it felt like an equal match.  Logan made another great save but by then we seemed to have lost our mojo from the previous game.  The goals all game from Whinney Banks.  This was to be the game where we conceded the most goals.

End of day one, much to learn and take back to prepare for the following day.

LK09 v Bispham JFF Predators (Whites)

Early chances from Tom(w) and keane set the pace for another great game.  We had great chances to score throughout the game but a goalless score from both teams was to be the final result.  As this was our first game of the day it gave us the boost we needed for the second game, and what a game that was to be !

LK09 v Bispham JFF Predators (Reds)

This was our winning game and what a fantastic game it was !  Early chances by Matty, Keane and Tom W.  Great defending by Tom (M), Lewis and Harry.  Going into the second half there was a crossover from Tom(W) to Matty which nearly scored.  By now we knew a goal was coming our way, especially with all the chances. There was a pass from Luke to Tom (W) and even Tom (M) and CJ had a shot.  The chances just seemed endless.  So you can imagine when the goal from Keane went in the parents jumped and cheered for joy ! Finally.  It didn’t stop there, another cross from Tom (W) to Luke nearly secured another goal and then an attempt from Finley.  It was like watching the whole team walk up to the goal and take a shot ! Thrilling to watch our first win.

LK09 V Ossett Town Juniors ‘A’

An early goal kick from goalie Logan nearly secured an early goal but it was Ossett who was to secure the first goal with a great kick from midfield.  Going into the second half we kept battling on but no more goals came our way. Lewis kept the ball in with some great defending but Osset secured the final goal of the game.

This tournament has given the lads a chance to play more football together and bond as a team.  It has given the Managers an idea of what needs to be done for LK09 going into the new season.  It has left the Parents feeling even more proud and excited about what is install for LK09.

A Big Thank You to Justin and Shaun for all their hard work and commitment and for taking LK09 to Pwllheli.

To the Parents, your help and support is vital.

Last but not least, the Players, we are so proud of all of you.  Congratulations !






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