Some changes have been integrated to improve the interactivity of the site:

1. The image upload bug has now been fixed so each member can upload their own images straight to the site.

2.The User admin panel has been upgraded & simplified so that there is more space for you to write & edit your news stories.

3. The biggest addition is that there is now a user community which can be found by clicking on the link at the top of the site. This lists every user on the site & by clicking on a user name (plus anywhere on the site) you can see their details, photos, & posts. If you are logged in you will see a link saying “edit your profile” which will take you to the admin panel, where you will be able to change everything you need. Real names will not be shown as per the Data Protection Act.

Work is also being carried out to streamline the design, integrate a forum for direct user interaction & also an events calendar. I’m pleased to see that the site recorded it’s 17,000th visitor last week, which is phenomenal! If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see improved/integrated/removed please let me know.

Can we also wish my very old man (Keith Hardy) a Happy Birthday who is 52 today!Train Master

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    trevor smith

    I’m sure he’s older than that Gaz.

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Will always be 8 years behind you Trev!!

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