I’m delighted to see that we now have 200 members of the Club website. If you are a browser and want to become a member, it’s an easy process – see REGISTER on the right of the site. By becoming a member, it enables you to write comments against any post.

We have now had nearly 450 posts and 250 comments on the site, with the number of hits now over 28,000. These are true hits i.e. number of site visits rather than a count for each page looked at as some other sites do. We had a record 184 hits yesterday, following the previous high of 158 the day before, with over 100 hits a day becoming the norm. It is pleasing to see the site now becoming our main communications channel. Any website improvement ideas – please let me know.

Can members have a go at downloading a picture against their profile – this picture will then show against every comment or post written. We have a number of regular contributors with their own ‘icon’ – we even allow Wolves logos to be used! Any problems in doing this, please contact me.

It would be good to get team photos on the site too – but please ensure that players cannot be identified from any player lists included within the team photo post.

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    Keith will even direct you to the wolves website to collect your wolves logo.

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Only after receiving a significant fee!

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    Or if you buy him a pint when you catch him in the pub

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    That’s the fee I was referring to!

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    Andy Coleman

    should have been more than one for that logo. LOL

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    I’m with you on that one Andy!

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    Keith Hardy (Chairman)

    Good to see 3 more members have now added their icon – come on, let’s get some more on!

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