APR 3-1 Wyrley Panthers (Cup)

Panthers worked hard against APR and matched them for endeavour all through the first half.
An early goal from APR didn’t dent Panthers spirit as the defence coped well, clearing the ball up field to the forwards very effectively. The 2 division difference between the teams was not apparent at times especially when Panthers equalised from a corner as Lewis2 deflected the cross in at the near post.
Half Time 1-1.
The second half was keenly fought but APR’s greater control and power meant that Panthers found it hard to defend against and were pinned back most of the half. Not surprisingly, APR scored two more goals before the final whistle.
Full Time 3-1.

A well fought game at times but the difference in skill was reflected in the score line.

APR (3)
GOALS: 3′, 18′, 22′

Panthers (1)
Lewis2: 11′

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