Communication with players under 18

Just a reminder to all managers around the guidance for communication with minors (i.e. Under the age of 18): –

Any telephone contact should be made with parents only.
It is recommended that texts are not sent to minors but if texts are sent, the content should also be sent to parents too e.g. within a ‘Group’ text.
It is recommended that minors are not added as friends/contacts on social networking sites unless written approval is obtained from their parents or guardians. It also goes without saying that these sites should not be used to ‘poach’ players.
Managers and coaches should also be fully aware of guidelines re children and internet access. Parents should also be aware of the internet access allowed to their children and internet safety.
Any players who are worried or upset about anything they see on the internet should talk to their parents or some one they trust.

The above is to provide protection to managers and coaches as well as young people.

For further guidance please contact the Club Welfare Officer of anyone on the committee.

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