RESPECT FC – Join the Club!!

Respect FC – Join the Club

Respect FC is a newly created football club with one goal – to unite everyone against the ugly side of football. Gobby morons are giving it this and that to everyone and everything, so it’s time those of us who love the beautiful game team together and stand up to them!
But we need your help because we can’t achieve this on our own. We’re asking everyone to join the club and unite against the gobby morons. And together as one, we can show the people ruining our game, what they’re up against.

You can check out our club website and chairman’s message here

For every person who joins the club, The FA will pledge to put £1 back into Respect in youth football. Visitors to will then be able to vote online on how the money is used. The site also serves as a clubroom for people to pledge support, share, comment and debate on the issues surrounding Respect.

Thank you for your support – together we can defeat the gobby morons!


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