36th 100 Club member – Alpha Carehomes!

Our 36th member of the Club’s 100 Club is Alpha Health Care in Newtown Bloxwich, which provides excellent care through its 3 centres within its Lakes complex.
At Coniston Centre, they offer a specialist service for people, primarily over the age of 55, who have complex dementia. Residents with complex dementia often present with multiple and challenging needs that require expert care in a safe and appropriate environment. Their staff are trained to provide the highest quality of therapeutic support and care to people who have varying forms of dementia, progressive neurological illnesses and acquired brain injuries (including strokes).
At Waters Edge they provide a specialist residential care home with an established reputation for caring for elderly people including people with dementia or other progressive neurological illness.
At Lakeside they are a leading provider of nursing care for elderly people with dementia, complex dementia, stroke, progressive neurological illnesses and enduring mental health needs. They provide bespoke enablement care for people with a variety of shorter term needs as well as long term nursing care.
We have a longstanding excellent relationship with Alpha.
They have kindly donated funds to the club as they recognise the efforts that the club is putting in to raise funds for Harrison’s. Thank you so much Alpha Healthcare!!
To get in touch with Alpha Carehomes, please call them on 01922 409898 or email info@alphacarehomes.com
Members of the 100 Club get an advert on here and a pinned advert for 4 days on our Facebook page. They will also be detailed with the other 99 members on a permanent board to be placed in the new changing rooms at Harrisons when built – in return for a £100 + VAT donation.
If you would like to become a member or know someone who would, please leave a comment/message here or contact Keith on 07836202764.
Thanks again for the support Lakes Nursing Home – your support is invaluable to the club!
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