End of Season win for Tigers U8s 12/05/13

end of season 2013Wyrley Tigers V Shire Oak Acorns
End of Season Friendly Match
The Tigers came into this match quite hesitant, having drew to Shire Oak Acorns in the past. The match started well with the players keeping their composure and passing well with Kian and Tom in the middle keeping the ball away from our side and Scott and Will in defence. The goal came to little Joe with his speed managed to keep the ball and slot it nicely in the left hand corner. After much anticipation there was a cheer for the Tigers and a goal worth celebrating.

All season we have had a banter with Big Joe about him scoring a goal from a goal kick, an even bigger incentive was that he would have been rewarded by the parents if he managed to do it, surprisingly he wasn’t too far off with Big Joe kicking the ball out of goal and it going straight to the otherside hitting the top bar! Unbelievable, an inch lower and he would have achieved it! Never mind Joe, next time you will do it!

As the Tigers progresseed with play Aran and Armaan were on to maintain the pressure and with Lewis and Scott in defence the Tigers were battling away as Shire Oak missed a few attempts and Joe T saves were outstanding.

The second goal came to Tom who from Joe T’s goal kick, kept the ball from the half way line and with his sledgehammer left foot kicked it towards the goal but little Joe made the run after it which confused the Shire Oaks goalie and the ball rolled it much to the spectators surprise. A goal worth celebrating in style!

Well Done Tigers, you have worked hard all season.

The afternoon was rounded off by the players being rewarded their league medals. An emotional and exciting finish to the season. The Tigers now have their summer tournaments to look forward to.

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