LK09 Match Reports-8/12/13

LK09 v Shire Oak Acorns

After playing and winning against Shire Oak last week we were not going to get complacent  thinking we could win this game as well.  There was early passing in their half  and after a goal kick from Logan, picked up by Luke to pass to Keane, a shot was taken but was just short.  Logan came out big to prevent them from scoring. A big kick from Harry from centre half put us short of the goal.  An excellent run  from Matty up the wing for him to cross to Harvey gave us yet another chance. A run from Keane to take a shot but just missing and an unlucky attempt by Harvey summed up the first half by having chances but no goals on both sides.

Quiet start to the second half but after five minutes the attempts kept coming from Keane, Tom and Matty.  The last chance by Shire Oak to score from a corner was superbly kicked out by Allan.  Ethan made is debut game for LK09 as a sub showing great power with his kicks.   No Goals by both sides but great passing by LK09 showing a solid side.

Man Of The Match: Tom

LK09 v Lane Head Panthers

We hadn’t played Lane Head Panthers before but we started out very strong and probably dominated most of the game.  There was great ball control by Keane to fend off his man and a challenge by Matty in the corner prevented them from getting the ball.  Great control and running by Tom followed an attempt by Matty was just short.  Our first goal was a high whack from Allan. There was a near miss by Lane Head but we went into the second half in the lead.

Matty scored early on in the second half although there was a great attempt by their goalie to save it.  Logan came out yet again to prevent them scoring.  A chip in from Harvey nearly went over the line although us parents were cheering thinking it had !  Our last chance was a corner by Keane but no goal was scored.  A win for us and another clean sheet for LK09 !

Man Of The Match: Matty

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