Match reports 06/04/14

Good Afternoon Panthers fans, another two highly competitive matches today and improved performances on last week, well done lads!

Cresswell Villa

A very tight first half ensued with some good early defending from Wyrley. Joshua made some telling interceptions and clearances early on, supported well by Lukas in goal. A quick throw in down the line from Joshua freed Ritchie down the left who put a beautiful cross in begging for a finish. Joshua stepped forward from the back and ran down the right wing and put a great cross in, which Ryan was unlucky not to score from. Reece and Joshua linked up well all half with Ryan a threat up front. Joshua pushed forwards late into the first half and was fouled. He got up and struck a great free kick, which the Cresswell keeper made a superb save from.
Vinnie replaced Lukas and Frazer replaced Reece, who made a great league debut for Panthers.
Early in the first half, Panthers weren’t able to clear into the Cresswell half and the ball was returned via a great long range shot by Cresswell to make it 1-0. Ritchie then made a superb pass for Ryan to run onto, and again unlucky not to score. Vinnie made a great save from a crisp Cresswell move, and was unlucky that the rebound from this fell to a Cresswell forward, who finished to make it 2-0. Joshua continued to push forward with Ryan and Ritchie, and Wyrley were unlucky to not get anything out of this game, but an improved performance nonetheless.

Rostance Edwards

Again a close match with Lukas Purcell outstanding in goal today. Early on, he produced two saves of outstanding quality and to top that off he made an unbelievable save from a free kick, well done Lukas. Joshua and Frazer both defended very well, but Rostance were just that bit quicker in the first half, leading to two smart finishes, despite Lukas’s best efforts. The second half, however, was much more competitive. Joshua, Ritchie and Ryan all were more assertive. Joshua took control of the midfield, with Ryan and Ritchie making good runs in the middle. Joshua went down both wings sending dangerous balls in, on another day would have lead to goals. Ryan and Ritchie also tracked back well this half, and Frazer defended stoutly, snuffing Rostance out of open play. Lukas added to his personal great performance by scoring direct from a kick out of his hands to make it 2-1 to Rostance. Rostance then scored a great free kick to make the score a little flattering for them, but Wyrley certainly demonstrated some great passing interplay, defending and goalkeeping. Well done lads!

Final scores: Wyrley 0 Cresswell Villa 2
MoM Joshua Lester

Wyrley 1 Rostance Edwards 3
Goal Lukas Purcell
MoM Lukas Purcell

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