Meerkats march on!!!

Wyrley Meerkats U11 2 – Stafford Lionesses U11 0

Foul play was surely to blame! as the morning of our game I was suffering as a consequence of the Wyrley Juniors Race Night!! I have to assume that my drinks were spiked with beer, as I had a hangover from hell!!

Great night – the race night – I think!

Apologies to the gaffer as part way through erecting the goal I had to lie down due to the world spinning and an excessively watery mouth!

The pitch looked great and was marked out in the colours of Liverpool courtesy of Steve Willis of the Pumas! It’s a shame he has a wonky eye but the wobbly lines add character, cheers Steve!

The gaffer opted for a strong line up to greet the lionesses, as he was sure they were out for revenge after their recent cup exit to the mighty Meerkats! The team selection was met with the approval of Brendan Rodgers who has been mentoring the gaffer for a few weeks! The gaffer has also assisted Rodgers in his team selection against United – how did that game finish up??

However, the girls needed no prep talk, they were on it as soon as the whistle blew. Outta the trenches and hacking away at the enemy with great gusto. Every Meerkat rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in. From front to back the girls put a stellar performance in! Skye lee the Meerkat shot stopper was commanding her defence and area like Monty commanded his troops in El Alamein. Her distribution was like a bombardment of the Barnes Wallace bouncing bomb, that continued to cause peril to the lionesses defence throughout the game. The ‘General’ aka Erin was bossing the opposition and was providing the passes to which Eloise was opting for a strike on sight policy. Her Exocet esque shots were peppering the goal and were only slightly off key. The ‘Enforcer’ Ellie Parker and Millie ‘Stonewall’ Sturch was providing a defensive partnership that David Moyes would gladly welcome.

As thought, the game was tightly poised with equal amounts of possession but with the Meerkats having about 70%!! It was during a sortie into the lionesses half when the ‘General ‘ decided to lob the keeper in a Suarez v Norwich styley! The crowd went mad as the net rippled, reminiscent of the scenes witnessed in the Holte End after Delphs epic strike against Chelsea. The ‘General’ opted for a slide on the knees celebration not a great idea on a hard sandy pitch, but 10/10 for effort. The ‘General’ has provided a few goals of notoriety and this one was surely worthy of a lady Godiva from her Ma and Pa!

Melissa and Faith both put in a great effort working the wings in both attack and defence duties. Chloe ‘Terry’ Venables was like a Challenger tank on Red Bull, teasing and tormenting the defence with copious amounts of pace and strength. Half time came with the Meerkats having a slender but deserved lead. The girls took some well deserved liquid refreshment and rest. The gaffers team talk only had one negative – to make our numerous efforts count!  Abbie ‘delap’ Clay replaced the ‘Enforcer’ with Katie replacing Chloe up front. Abbie settled into position alongside ‘Stonewall’ and put in some great tackles and provided some relief with her massive throw ins.

Skye was still commanding her area and needed too as the girls were reprimanded for over zealous tackling. The free kicks that were conceded were defended ok however a few of the girls had issues actually kicking the ball to clear their lines.

Chloe made a return in replacement for Katy and Lauren came on after a few weeks out with a foot injury. Obviously her foot is ok as she got stuck in with her tackles, great to see from the smallest girl in the team! Chloe managed to add to her total by squeezing the ball under the lionesses keeper. I don’t know how she did it but I’m sure she must be related to Dynamo, Troy or Paul Daniels ! With the second goal the girls had a level of comfort and began to relax. They knew that they could deal with the threats that the lionesses were posing.

Parents player award teddy Meerkat thingymajig was awarded to Erin ‘the General’ Waddilove for a sterling effort and a splendiferous goal.

Managers player awarded to Eloise ‘the Engine’ Yates for an energetic and virtuoso performance.


Things to work on:

Fitness levels still require improvement

Calling for the ball – still an issue!

Flinching in a tackle and with an airborne ball –

Being first to the ball

Working with your weaker foot


Great effort and atmosphere! Let’s try to use this positive attitude to put the wind up Hednesford!!!


A special thanks to Erin’s dad who has knitted a scarf for the Meerkat teddy thingymajig! Some excellent knit one, purl 1 workmanship on show!



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