Meerkats tame the Puma’s

Before I delve into the match report I’d like to convey my thanks to the Steve Willis and his parents plus the above and beyond assistance from Chris Nicholls.  Without their help on Saturday we would have struggled.  Chris assisted even though his team were not playing! He helped put the goals up, respect barrier and even ran the line – Wyrley needs more people like this guy!! We will repay the favour whenever required – apart from if its raining, or if its windy, or if its cold  – only joking!!

Chris fixed the respect barrier to ensure a good distance of 60 meters was maintained between parents and the pitch.  He caught wind of Mrs Sturch-Porter’s accent and realised that Pelsall inhabitants needed to be pushed back to ensure no fisticuffs or a verbal onslaught!

The tribe of Meerkats turned up – nearly all on time – I wont name and shame this week but I may next week! Parents please remember that the girls need to warm up and stretch properly before a game.  We don’t ask everyone to turn up early for fun, Dave could use his extra time thinking how well the Villa performed against Liverpool or by writing his name in his training jacket, so he doesn’t lose it again!!

The gaffer (now FA qualified) was sporting a bit of a hangover this morning due too him attending a beer festival where they only served half pints??? Its a good job he only had 3 halves! He was horrible – only jesting! He gave the girls the starting line up – Skye, Abbie, Millie, Mollie, Faith, Mya, Erin, Eloise and Chloe – a strong set up but we have competition from other girls in every position, no-one is guaranteed a starting place but all are guaranteed some playing time! We kicked off with the drizzle wetting everyone and everything in sight, the gaffer was seen sporting a squeegee to wipe the excess water from his head.

Straight from the whistle the Meerkats were hungry like the wolf, hunting in packs to ebb out the threat. Molly, Millie and Abbie held the defensive lines well, just like Rio! With Erin marshalling the midfield and being notorious as a strong playmaker the Pumas were ensuring that her time was limited on the ball.  Abbie’s ‘Delap esque’ throw ins would be a welcome asset in any side and we welcome this weapon to the Meerkat arsenal. Her precision throw ins throw just like an exocet missile being launched.

Great interplay and quick one-two’s were carving up the Pumas defence and wasn’t long before Eloise ‘the Engine’ broke the deadlock with a strong shot past the keeper. Waves of attacks continued and a precision pass through to Faith was really well hit that it was lucky to stay on Planet Earth. Skye was alert between the sticks and utilised the area well with any opportunity being quashed – she had the reflex.  Ellie ‘ The Enforcer’ entered the fray and thwarted a potential attack by taking man and ball and resulting in a crumbled heap – the look she gave was like she had a view to a kill. The back line were playing like a pack of Wild Boys, beating the opposition to the ball to quash the threat. Katy ‘Peggy’ Mitchell came on and gave her strongest performance to date, being strong in the tackle, heading and looking for the pass – great stuff ‘Peggy’ Is there something I should know? Chloe’s electric barberella pace was causing a massive issue for the Puma defence and used this asset to muscle her way to poke the ball home 2-0.  Melissa ‘Mini’ Cooper was working the lines well, strong in the tackle and tracking back to defend when needed.  A few attempts on goal from ‘Mini’ on stopped due to the heroics from the keeper.  The referee who thought he was on Champions League duty blew up for half time and the girls could regroup and refresh.  The team talk was purely positive as the girls were playing really well – must be due to a new moon on Monday!

After copious amount of fluid intake, the girls donned their war paint for another 30 minute slog. Again the Meerkats were on the offensive and broke free with some exquisite passing from Mya, Eloise Erin and Chloe that led to the Meerkats scoring their 3rd through Eloise, who applied her tennis techniques to put back spin on her shot that trickled over the line.  A sortie from the Pumas resulted in a shot that managed to squirt under Skye’ loco’ Lee’s body to get the visitors on the score sheet.  The Meerkats dug deep and were utilising Mya ‘The Magician’ and her box of tricks which were dazzling both opponents and parents.  This coupled with Chloe’s pace was resulting in many a chance that was missed due to accuracy. Sophie ‘The terminator’ Marlow came on at the back to sure up the defence and she read the game and lines really well. A mention has to go to the Ellie, Sophie, Katy and Erin who headed more balls than usual, great effort girls. Another mazy run from the ‘Magician’ and great vision to spot Eloise in space led to the Meerkats 4th and Eloise’s hat-trick.  The ball did deflect off a Pumas foot but as the shot was goal bound we decided to award her the goal.

A nigh on flawless performance girls that was well received by your parents and Dave and I. You seem to have really took to the bigger pitch and this has given you license to play nice football.  You may note that Erin ‘The General’ was rarely mentioned that is not to take anything away from her, as she listened to the feedback from the Leek game and adapted perfectly.  She played a true captains role today, led by example, rolled her sleeves up and got stuck in! Erin shows great maturity both on and off the pitch, hence her wearing the captains armband.

Looking at the fixture we have nothing scheduled for next week but doesn’t mean we cant practice in our own time! Lay off the Xboxes and Play-stations and get in the garden and ruin your mom and dads plants!!!

Great effort girls – made me proud as punch

Managers player – Mya ‘The Magician’ Sidhu – absolute delight to watch her dance her way through the defence

Parents player that gets the meerkat teddy thingymajig went to Chloe ‘Sonic’ Venables – Strong presence and electrifying pace caused the Puma defence many a trouble.

Great game


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