Newby Lions U11’s V Wyrley Junior Panthers U11’s

Newby Lions 2 V Wyrley Junior Panthers 5

23rd November 2014

Venue: – Leamore Park

Man Of The Match :- No 6 Konnor

Today Panthers played some great football in this hard game against Newby Lions, but they did not get it all their own way as Newby lions also played some great football too.

Panthers had the uphill challenge first half and it was hard work to keep moving up to the goal line but they did with No3 Dan scoring first. Newby then came back with a couple of great moves but Panther defence broke it up each time, the lads then broke up front and No 20 Joe got the second goal of the game. Panthers then continued attacking until half time came.

Second Half got underway with Panthers coming down hill, they soon got going with attack after attack when No 10 Tom got the third goal but Newby came back on the attack and our defence did their job again. Both Keepers worked hard to keep the shots out when No 9 Will scored the fourth goal for Panthers. Newby lions attacked when a penalty was given to them but they put that over the bar, this gave them more confidence and were able to put two goals past Panthers. Panthers did not give up, an a free kick that went in to the right area but was not able to be converted goal wards was scrambled out which then produced a great cross which No 4 Ben headed leaving no chance for the keeper to save making it goal number five , the whistle was blown to make it a great win.

Today every single player for Panther’s played their part No 1 Kyle the goal keeper, No 5 Callum, No 7 JK, No 23 Murph, No 42 Andy in defence. No 8 Sina Captian, No6 Konnor, No 11 Roo, in midfield and wingers No 20 Joe, No 3 Dan, No 10 Tom and strikers No 9 Will and No 4 Ben.

Well done Panther’s for a fantastic football match.

Once again we had a good Referee who let the game flow and disciplined when required also thanks to Ben’ dad for running the line.

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