Pumas on fire on week 2

Well Well Well as week 2 of the season has just passed i am guessing we all can not wait for next Sunday already.

Today we kicked of again at 12.00 at Shelfield sports academy against Bloxwich Rangers and with a new rotation system in tact it was always going to be a nervy 2 games but our boys stuck together and worked amazingly as a team and got off to a great start with a disastrous pass back from the other team. We managed to press high in the oppositions half and grab more goals.

Goal Scorers – William Dorricott, Charlie Ashley Footes Own Goal –

Man of the Match – William Dorricott


Our Second Game of the day was against Lane Head Pumas which ended up being a one sided game due to the hard work and commitment our boys put in from start to finish as Lane Head Pumas are a very strong side with excellent talent. We passed it around like arsenal from the back all the way up top and created chance after chance. William Dorricott got the game off to a flying start and it just carried on from there. The confidence of the Pumas grew as the game went on to Show when James Evans controlled the Ball out the sky and smashed one into the top corner on the volley. We know Teams in this league can break quickly and score goals but with the Tackling warriors of Joseph Plimmer and Bray Makin we have that confidence to push high and enjoy our Football. As a result of team organizing and hard work and Dedication to listen in training..

Goalscorers – William Dorricott  Charlie Ashley Footes  James Evans  Joseph Plimmer Own Goal

Man of the Match – James Evans

Roll on Tuesday when we can get back on the training pitch and work even harder for more results like this. Thank you again parents of Wyrley Pumas for the positive support we have at training and on the side lines of each game.




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Managers v Managers Match November 26th

Managers v Managers Match November 26th

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