Wyrley Meerkats U11 1 v Wyrley Puma U11 2

I type this report from my sick bed as I am recovering from spinal surgery. I’ve heard all the jokes re: being spineless etc so don’t waste your time. So the content of the report has been compiled by an apprentice to which I can supply contact details if you wish to pursue legal action or just to hurl abuse.

Thanks to my father in law who provided texts detailing the key moments of the game. I thought I’d be able to get a live stream for the game on t’internet’ but couldn’t find owt.

Thanks to Scouse Bloke for compiling the report, setting up the nets, arranging the ref, contacting the opposition, tying Abbie laces, keeping the parents at bay and all the other work we take for granted.

I haven’t altered his report – honest!

Q: How many Man U supporters does it take to stop a moving Bus?
A: Never enough

Derby days are special – Liverpool v Everton, United v City, Villa v Blues & Meerkats v Pumas.

The text came through at 09:35 the game was on! Following promised storms of biblical proportions, Mr Chairman was marking the pitch out and was playable.  There were initial thoughts to go and get a second opinion as we are all aware Keith is a staunch Manchester fan (United, not the good ones) and his judgment may have been clouded. No arks were going to be needed and if were lucky we would just finish the game prior to the arrival of the giant hailstones !

The Meerkats v The Pumas, now a more evenly matched fixture than 12 months ago started bright and blustery with both teams keeping their shape well without creating too many clear cut chances.

Millie and Sophie looked steady at the back with Skye commanding her penalty box with authority.  The midfield runners, Faith and Melissa were supporting Eloise when she had the ball at her feet.  So far so good, the sun was out, the sky was blue!! Not a United fan to spoil the view!

Ten minutes in and a Meerkat attack was cleared by the Pumas defence only for it to land at the feet of the ‘General’ Erin Waddilove who thumped the ball straight through a crowded box and into the net, Get In!!! One nil to the Meerkats. However, a wounded Puma is a dangerous animal and it wasn’t long before the expected fight back, resulted in a deserved equaliser, ( I have to confess at this point that I missed the goal so details are sketchy. I was probably tying a shoe lace or studying the Meerkat, Chelsea esque rotation policy for the umpteenth time!!) GAME ON!!!

The Meerkats quickly made changes, with Katie and Abby entering the fray. The game was evenly balanced with both teams giving their all, looking for the that important second goal. The Pumas struck just before half time with Sophie Willis striking a neat shot to bag her brace.  The clouds were gathering!

Halftime saw more Meerkat changes with Lauren coming on in midfield, Ellie ‘The Enforcer’ Parker drafted into the back and lightning quick Chloe ‘Terry’ Venables to add firepower up front.

The second half was full bloodied, Meerkats and Pumas toe to toe in midfield and teeth and claws. The ‘General’ was getting the upper hand and the Meerkats looked the most likely to score.  Abbie’s superb long throws (Rory Delap esque) and the movement of Eloise ‘The Engine’ were causing concerns for the Pumas. Some of the Meerkats were even playing with their heads up and passing the ball (so they do listen sometimes during training)

The Meerkat Army were in full voice, no prawn sandwiches for this lot, not to be overshadowed by their Puma counterparts and well stewarded by the overworked respect barrier!!


The Meerkats couldn’t break down the dogged defence of the Pumas. The best chance to equalise fell to ‘The Engine’ who volleyed straight at the keeper just before the ref blew for full time, took his money and legged it, he’d also tuned into the weather forecast!!

Well done to both the Meerkats and the Pumas, a credit to the Wyrley Junior empire.

Another defeat for the Meerkats but they can take heart from a battling performance, they no longer go underground in a Meerkat kind of way when goals are scored against them. Instead they stand tall, lift their heads and play as a team should.

Girl of the match (Trophy) and Parents award (Meerkat teddy thingymajig) was given to Erin, at the heart of every midfield battle and winning most of them.

Good Points:

Trying to pass and move

Superb throw ins from the defenders

Things to work on



Goal kicks – Skye you need to get some air to the ball – practice, practice, practice!

Positional awareness



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