Wyrley Tigers Under 8’s Friendlies

Wyrley Tigers v Brewood Juniors

From kick off both teams sprung into life with dashes for goal at each end of the pitch. Brewood looked to gain the lead when they cleared the Tigers defence and powered the ball at the Tigers goal, however they had underestimated the last line of defence with goalie Thomas making a solid save.

A corner for the Tigers gained the first goal of the match with a long kick from Zak being headed into the goal superstar style by Elliot.

Kick off in the second half and both teams kept up the pace with Brewood scoring. Tigers as usual rose to the challenge with  Matthew getting some great touches of the ball, however frenetic play ensued in the oppositions half with Connor winning the ball and looking like Tigers may again score. However Brewoods defence won out and they quickly scored again.

Overall this game was excellently played by both teams & would have done any league team proud!

Wyrley Panters v Sedgley Scorpions

Seemingly back on the pitch within minutes of their first match, Wyrley seemed a little slow to take up the mantle. The scorpions pressured the Tigers until a valiant attempt by the Scorpions at goal was thwarted by Brogan with his decisive save.

Tigers then stepped up to the mark and started pulling out all the stops. Rhys particularly got stuck in until injury forced him off the pitch. As Jack and Owen really stepped up the pace & started to dominate the opposition the first goal of the match came from Tigers striker Elliott.

With the ball back in play the Scorpions made two solid attempts to get past Wyrley’s defence but with Joel’s brick wall defending nothing could touch the Tigers

Several flurries of play ensued with the whole team assisting in setting Elliot up for another goal.

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