Girls who happen to have a disability wanted!

To support our ethos of ‘Football for All’, the club is creating a new FA Wildcats Centre for girls aged 5 to 11 with disabilities.

We have been determined for some while to create sessions for players who just happen to be disabled and this is another step along that journey.

The sessions will take place Tuesdays 6 til 7 – venue to be confirmed due to Covid issues – and will have a Level 2 coach taking them.
We are looking for girls to come and join us and have fun, make new friends and acquire some new skills along the way.
We are also looking for potential coaches to help at this new centre and also our existing 2 Wildcats centres.

Our aim will be to create disability teams at junior and youth levels.
The club already has a male adult disability team ready to go and has a GB deaf international in it’s Ladies First Team – Debbie Hibbett.

To express an interest for players or coaches, please leave a comment or message us.
Pictured below, the FA advertising banner and our very own Debbie Hibbett.

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