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I am pleased to see that we have just crashed through the 20,000 hits barrier – it is great to see that we are now using the site as our main communication channel. We are now having an average of 70 hits a day!

A number of improvements have now been made by Gareth (thanks Gareth – super job!) as follows: –

– The Community Tab will open up to reveal all members of the site and the posts they have made

– The Search option at the top of the page enables you to put any word in there and all posts with that word included will be revealed

– The profile tab enables you to provide details about yourself. I would also suggest that you download a picture representing yourself – quite simple as even I’ve managed to do it!

– Pictures are now very easy to download 

– Teams who have set up their own page are now listed on the Home page  

The site is of the highest quality and sets us apart from our peers but if you have any ideas to improve the site further, please come back to me.

Thanks again to Gareth, who has given up his free time to create the site for us.

Keith Hardy, Chairman

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