Handsworth United 4-0 Wyrley Panthers

Handsworth are a tough team to play against but Panthers equipped themselves well in the first half with some good passing and some fine shots from Lewis2 and Louie. The Handsworth keeper put in some super saves to keep Panthers out but on twelve minutes Handsworth scored and despite a couple of late corners by Panthers, the score stayed 1-0 at half time.
The second half was nearly all Handsworth although Panthers did have a handful of chances which were well saved of just wide. Handsworth controlled mid field and that pretty much snuffed out most of Panthers attempts to move forward. The occassional long kick from the back made it through to Panthers strikers but no goals came it. Handsworth played the ball about accurately and quickly resulting in three more goals.
Full time 4-0.
A valiant affort from Panthers but Handsworth were just too strong.

Handsworth(4): GOALS (12′,23′,27′,29′)

Man of the match – Lewis2 – well done.

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