Panthers Under 10’s Battling Hard

Match 1: Wyrley Panthers Vs Park Hill Boys Juniors

 The Panthers kicked off to a confident start with Oscar making a great attempt for goal within the first 30 seconds. However possession was quickly regained by Park Hill and his chance was thwarted. Ben takes Panthers second bid with a long run down the wing to scream it passed the oppositions defence & into the back of the net!

Panthers lead in the first half was soon snatched away though as Park Hill equalized & then went on to score a further 2 goals.

Second half, Panthers were not deterred by the goal difference and quickly levelled the score with 2 superb goals from Louie. As the two teams battled in the last few minutes Park Hill edged the ball into the goal & took the lead.

Wyrley Panthers 3 – Park Hill Boys 4

 Match 2: Wyrley Panthers Vs Shire Oak

With Shire Oak riding high from a 15-0 win against Park Hill and the Panthers having no subs, it was clear from the outset that the Panthers would have their work cut out. Within a few minutes our fears were realised & Shire Oak scored, quickly followed by goalie Oscar getting injured in a frantic flurry at the goalmouth. With no subs & Oscar unable to play on, Shire Oak volunteered one of their own players to be our goalie. Some good saves & many good attempted saves couldn’t stop Shire Oaks lead stretching.

There were many notable moments to be had with great defence from Damian snatching the ball from the Shire Oak’s formidable No.11, Josh skilled past midfield and Ben, Chase & Lewis applying pressure throughout.

Man of the match was Chase for some excellent work throughout both matches.

Training Wednesday 6pm – 7pm.

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