Wyrley LK09 Match Reports 17th November 2013

LK09 V Silverdale Saints

Within a few minutes of the game starting there was passing between Matty and Tom then to Harvey for him to the score the first goal of the game.  A throw in was retaken after hitting the overhead net line only for Harry to clear it.  A corner taken by Silverdale just nudged in the net to give them an equalising goal. There was great clearing in defence by Lewis and Harry.  Allan nearly scored after a throw in by Tom, nearly lobbing it in just over the half way line.  Another great save by Logan after a Silverdale throw in.  Just before half time Harry took a free kick but was just short of another goal.

Going into the second half both teams on level pegging.  Lk09 spent most of it in the Silverdale half which shows the amount of pressure we were putting on Silverdale. There was some excellent tackling by Keane and Lewis and a header by Allan to clear it.  Luke came on and nearly had a strike at the net.  In the final throws of the game, Silverdale applied the pressure on a few occasions.  At one point it was just Logan V their striker but fortunately he hit the post after Logan came out and put him off his strike.  A tense moment came when Logan saved a goal only for it to rebound for Joe to kick it out to prevent a goal.  Well done to both sides for a thrilling game.

Man of the Match: Logan

LK09 v Four Oak Scorpions

Scorpions took an early lead just after a good goal from the centre left wing.  Another chance was stopped by going straight into Logan’s hands.  A pass from Harvey to Matty secured our first goal and then another attempt by Matty was saved by their goalie.  Fantastic passing in midfield from Tom and Keane. Harry and Lewis continued to apply the pressure with their tackling.  Logan saved a goal by kicking it out only for Scorpions to chip it back in to score another goal.  A free kick by Keane was just short of a goal.

Scorpions had a scored again in the second half but the lads were not defeated and didn’t give up.  Tom to Matty nearly scored but it was a goal by Tom that gave us our second goal.  Allan had another attempt and right up until the whistle we continued to push forward and i’m sure if there was extra time we would have scored the equaliser !  Well done lads for not giving up but getting stronger as time went on.

Man of the Match: Harry


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